"I have had the pleasure and privilege to be the sponsor for Service Excellence in Nordea Private Banking for some years now. During that period I have regularly been in contact with and worked quite close with Marie-Christine, who has been heavily involved - the last couple of years as Nordic head and main driver of our various cross border initiatives. Her energy, competence and passion will be missed going forward, and I can simply just recommend her strongly to anyone who wants things done! Best, Torsten"
Torsten Østensen, Head Nordea Private Banking Norway

"Marie-Christine Lindström is a highly engaged and enthusiastic person with broad insights into cultural building and change processes with a unique and extensive long experience in strategic and operational customer satisfaction work. She is as good as a coach to individuals as an inspiration to larger groups."
Malin Lilliecrona, Head of Wealth Specialist Services Nordea Private Banking

"With a never-ending energy and joy combined with a great customer focus. That's how I'd describe our cooperation. Marie-Christine contributes with new angles and has the ability to find continuous improvements. Credible, committed and demanding in a healthy way! This has helped me a lot in the development of the business I am responsible for."
Mårten Pihlblad, Head of Nordea Private Banking NorrMellanSverige

"Marie-Christine is a creative, ambitious and driven colleague who makes a difference. She is an excellent speaker, rhetorically very skilled who can capture the audience in a way that many can't. She has many years of experience in the field of service excellence where she quickly and excellently produce trends, analyses and suggestions on how to develop others to make customers even more satisfied. She is an inspiring coach who always supports. I would also like to emphasize that it is also always fun to work with Marie-Christine who always spreads joy around her"
Anne Höglund, Head of Nordea Private Banking Stockholm

"You have helped my team to focus on getting even more satisfied customers, analyzing what we are doing well and what we could do even better. You contribute with deep knowledge about customer satisfaction, positive energy, analysis of the current situation and suggestions on how to take customer satisfaction to the next step. All this is also an inspiring way. We have worked together for many years and I have always appreciated both your knowledge and you as a colleague. It's simply fun to work with you!"
Pernilla Frisk, Head of Wealth Services, Nordea Private Banking

"Marie-Christine is a bundle of energy and an idea shot without equal! She always has that clear customer focus, reflects a lot and questions selected truths. With a great commitment and passion combined with a powerful rhetoric, Marie-Christine brings others with her and inspires. It has been a pleasure to work in the same project as Marie-Christine as she makes everyone in the group feel seen and valuable"
Emmy Lööf, Driving improvements of customer value propositions @Nordea


"I have had the great privilege of working with Marie-Christine and seeing her in action on stage when she was responsible for one of Nordea's major staff conferences. Marie-Christine was not only a pro at structuring and leading but is also fantastic on stage. With a wonderful mix of knowledge, humor and lovely metaphors, she captured the participants directly, which gave energy to the entire conference. For me, this was world class."
Susanne Pettersson , Lecturer, Speaker of the Year 2018, Educator, Author

“Marie Christine is one of a kind. She has the rare capacity to apply her charismatic presence to a wide range of situations. One quality that always strikes med with Marie Christine is PURE CLARITY. With this quality she communicates and leads people, building credibility and impact. She’s courageous and inspirational, always speaking what needs to be spoken in a digestive and uplifting manner. She builds trust, moving people to act. She’s really one of kind!”
Roxana Kia, Trusted executive advisor/Leadership Communication trainer. Unleashing Impact Leaders and Communicators

"Marie-Christine is professional, passionate and driven with the greatest focus on service excellence and the customer experience. She has a tireless "can-do, will-do" attitude and the ability to see what needs to be done and in what order. Marie-Christine is delivery-proof and moves easily between all different levels within a company with the same obvious and at the same time humble way."
Anita Miras Landelius, Wealth Marketing Partner, Nordea

"Working with Marie-Christine is a real pleasure! I have on several occasions been honored to collaborate with Marie-Christine and every time I am struck by her enormous drive for satisfied customers. Even if I have listened or taken part in her lectures/workshops several times, I always bring something new. She is a true inspirer, sees things that others do not, brings different types of people, creates passion and insight into heart issues. She makes everyone see that customer satisfaction and profitability go hand in hand. I highly recommend her to anyone who works with the customer – whether small or large teams, successful or less successful – Marie-Christine makes a difference wherever she is!"
Rebecca Blad Flodin, Deputy Head of Branch Region på Nordea

”During these 14 years of cooperation, I know what happens in a group after , for example, a workshop with Marie-Christine. Then I feel joy right into my soul to see my co-workers flourish , feel inspired and strengthened by the fact that no matter how much documentation is required, it is our customers and their experiences that are at stake. Marie- Christine makes a difference and spreads joy with her inexhaustible source of wisdom, enthusiasm and fearlessness. Always honest and share their own experiences and give of themselves for others to succeed."
Helena Dahl, kontorschef Nordea Bank

"Marie-Christine deserves the best recommendation. Working with MC has been such a great pleasure. She is so inspiring, full of great ideas, rewarding and also very serious and funny. In my long working life I have rarely met someone like MC and I would never hesitate to say yes to new projects and tasks with her again."
Susan Aa. Christensen , Senior Customer Advisor at Nordea Private Banking HNWI Nordea Private Banking Denmark