About Us

Nynna AB is a management consulting company owned and run by founder Marie-Christine Lindström.
Marie-Christine specializes in customer focused change processes and has a unique in-depth experience in strategic and operational customer experience and corporate culture work.

During the five years she was appointed main driver and responsible for customer satisfaction at Nordea Private Banking, amazing All time high levels were reached. Clear strategy, leadership and strong communication and commitment being some of the success factors.
As an inspiring Agile leader, Marie-Christine always delivers on high set goals, with compassion, high skills and an ability to inspire and involve people around her, she secure a strong foundation for a welcoming culture where everyone strives in the same direction.

Marie-Christine has been appointed Nordic head and main driver of various cross border initiatives during the last couple of years such as Service Excellence, development and implementation of a common corporate culture. Initiatives that lead to increased customer and employee satisfaction, clearer strategy and a new common focus on customers at all levels of the organization. Behind-the-scenes success factors mentioned are the effective agile approach and the focus on developing leadership as a driving force at all levels, while involving employees ensured relevance in all deliveries.

From the Nordic Nordea Bank perspective, Marie-Christine was selected as one of 300 Influencers in the transformation work that started in 2016. Her position as a positive role model and her ability to drive value-driven corporate culture were behind the appointment. She was also appointed country responsible Influencer.

Marie-Christine interspersed helicopter perspectives with detail focus in order to ensure the overall strategic vision jet never missing out on the operational efficiency.
Her strategic experience was built on during her many years of work in the role of Management Partner in Nordea Private Banking and part of the management team.
The operational experience stems from her years as life insurance broker and Private Banker, where she had the highest measured customer satisfaction in Sweden.

Companies that cooperate with Nynna AB will together with Marie-Christine secure a set up that is best suited according to needs and wishes.
Based on this arrangement, the quotation will be presented and if there is a need to connect services outside Nynna's core area, it is done through the carefully picked partners Nynna has in their network.