Nynnas Montly CX Service! 

Strategy work & efficiency

Nynna collaborates with forward-looking companies, organizations and individuals who want to develop customer relationships, employees and leadership in order to take their business to new levels.

We are situated in Malmö jet cooperate with our clients both industry overrun and without geographical limitations.

Our customers have different challenges and opportunities - that's why we work individually and closely to find our clients' unique opportunities and strengths to build on.

The success lies in the way we reflect, listen and act together with our clients, from thoughtful strategy work to operational efficiency.



Nynna's expertise

for organizations and companies that

  • seek to increase customer experience, employee satisfaction as well as financial performance by developing strategy, leadership and a tailored structured way of working
  • has realized the benefits of developing and strengthening the relationship with existing customers but do not know exactly how to proceed to succeed
  • want to develop the soft work around customer experience to also include hard measurable financial values and results: from feeling to concrete execution
  • want to develop the work with customer satisfaction to include
    - input to the management team for strategic decisions
    - concrete facts at individual level for relationship managers to act on

At Nynna we know what it takes to succeed.
Because we have succeeded. Over and over again.